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Overview of Energy Systems Technical Committee

Welcome to the homepage of the Energy Systems Technical Committee. The committee was formally formed in 2012 within the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a coherent forum for engineers and scientists working on systems for generation, storage, conversion, and utilization of energy. It intends to promote research and education in the broader areas of modeling, dynamics, control, and experimentation of energy systems. It brings together experts from the active energy systems application areas of the DSCD to share ideas and expertise and therefore accelerate and recognize innovative research or energy solutions.

Energy Systems TC Report at DSCC 2014


Committee Operating Guide


Chair: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen (Texas A&M University)

Co-Chair: Dr. Dongmei "Maggie" Chen (University of Texas at Austin)
Secretary: Dr. Mahdi Shahbakhti (Michigan Technological University)
Publicity Chair: Dr. Scott Moura (University of California Berkeley)
Industry Liaison 
Mobile/Transportation energy systems: Dyche Anderson (Ford Motor Company)

Stationary energy systems: Dr. Sonja Glavaski (US Department of Energy)

Student Liaison  
James Marcicki (Ford Motor Company)

Wesley Cole (NREL)

Former TC Chairs/co-chairs

Inaugural chair: Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou (University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor)
Inaugural co-chair: Dr. Tuhin Das (University of Central Florida)

Topics of Interest

--Renewable energy (Wind, Solar, Thermo, Ocean, etc)

-- Electrochemical Energy (Batteries, Ultracap, Fuel Cells, Fuel Processing, etc)

-- Electromechanical Energy (Flywheels, Piezos, etc)

-- Combustion Energy (diesel, otto, free piston, sterling, turbines, etc)

-- Hybrid Energy Systems

-- Grids, hubs and distributed power

-- Building efficiency

-- Converters, Electric Machines and Power Electronics

-- Micro-power 

Please browse the web-site for further information. Thank you for visiting the Energy Systems sub-committee webpage.


Anna Stefanopoulou


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Univ of Michigan CoE / 2043 WE Lay Auto Lab, 1231 Beal Ave

Ann Arbor MI 48109-2121

Telephone: (734) 615-8461

Tuhin Das

Assistant Professor

University of Central Florida

Mechanical Materials and Aerospace Engg.

4000 Central Florida Blvd., Engineering I, Room 307, Orlando, FL 32816

Telephone: (407) 823-5792

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