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Mechatronics Technical Committee

The word mechatronics is defined as the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of products and processes. Today, besides introducing the intelligence directly into product through embedded microcomputers, mechatronics also denotes an integrated design approach whereby all members of the product development team can work closely together throughout the design cycle to build specified machines that take maximum advantage of harmonious blending of many different technologies. Such an integrated design approach normally leads to systems that are more capable, precise, reliable, intelligent, and even cheaper. Since the basic concept of mechatronics is quite general, it has found a wide variety of applications and systems ranging from home appliances, cars, intelligent highways, robotics, manufacturing and automation, to biomedical devices.

The ASME DSCD Mechatronics Technical Committee was formally formed in 2006 to bring together all people working in mechatronics related research areas to promote advanced research and education in the field of mechatronics. Since 2008, the TC has been sponsoring the following two annual awards to encourage the participation of various activities organized by the TC and/or improve the quality of technical publications in the Mechatronics discipline.

Current Officers of Mechatronics Technical Committee
(January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016)


Lei Zuo, Chair
Virginia Tech, VA

Jun Ueda
Georgia Tech, GA
Garrett Clayton
Villanova University, PA

Kenn Oldham
Conference Chair
University of Michigan, MI 

Qingze Zou, Awards Chair
Rutgers University, NJ

Past Chairs of Mechatronics Technical Committee

2015: Jingang Yi @ Rutgers University
2014: Xiaobo Tan @ Michigan State University
2013: Won-jong Kim @ Texas A&M University

2012: Jordan Berg @ Texas Tech University
2011: Qian Wang @ Pennsylvania State University
2010: Bin Yao @ Purdue University
2009: Kok‐Meng Lee @ Georgia Institute of Technology
2006-2008: Brad Paden @ University of California, Santa Barbara

Mechatronics Technical Committee News

ASME DSCD Best Conference Paper and DSCD Best Student Paper Awards on Mechatronics

Established in 2007 and administered by the Technical Committee (TC) on Mechatronics of ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD), the purpose of the awards are to recognize the best original paper in the area of mechatronics presented at a DSCD-sponsored event (ASME DSCD Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, American Control Conference, or IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics) in the calendar year preceding the award.  Two awards are given each year: the ASME DSCD Best Conference Paper on Mechatronics and the ASME DSCD Best Student Conference Paper Award on Mechatronics.  The winner of each category will be given a $750 prize and will receive a certificate honoring their/his/her achievement. The award will be presented at the Dynamic Systems and Control Conference.  [Awards Selection Procedure]    [Past Winners]

Journal and Conferences supported by Mechatronics Technical Committee

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, [2013 and before], [Paper submission]
IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM)
ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC) 
American Control Conference (ACC)

Qingze Zou


Lei Zuo

Vice Chair

Jingang Yi

Awards Chair

Jun Ueda

Conference Chair

Kenn Oldham


Garrett Clayton


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