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Model Identification and Intelligent Systems (MIIS) Technical Committee

Purpose and Interests

  • Modeling
  • Identification
  • Design of Control Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Physical System Modeling and Simulation.

Current Officers of the MIIS Technical Committee

Chair    Giscard Kfoury
Lawrence Tech
(248) 204-2579
Vice-Chair    Tulga Ersal
University of Michigan
(734) 763-7388
Secretary    Andreas Malikopoulos
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(865) 946-1529
Succession Subcommittee
Member 1    Manish Paliwal
Member 2    Andreas Malikopoulos
Member 3    Ajay Mahajan

Giscard Kfoury


Lawrence Technological University

Telephone: (248) 204-2579

Tulga Ersal


University of Michigan

Telephone: (734) 763-7388

Andreas Malikopoulos


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Telephone: (865) 946-1529

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